Auckland Zoo is a not-for-profit organisation that is part of Regional Facilities Auckland (an Auckland Council-controlled organisation) and a global network of zoos, who are focused on conserving the world's wildlife and wild places.

  1. Since opening on 17 December 1922, Auckland Zoo has evolved to become an active conservation organisation and has welcomed over 28 million visitors.
  2. Key amongst our work is our ability to care for wildlife and to engage everyone with the wonder of the natural world.
  3. We work together, with our colleagues and our communities, to foster discovery of the natural world, inspire action for wildlife and create hope for its future. We lead by example, with optimism, with expertise and with passion.
  4. Auckland Zoo is a winner of national and international awards, is at the leading-edge of wildlife research, conservation work and innovative exhibits.

A future where people value wildlife and species are safe from extinction.

Our vision

To bring people together to build a future for wildlife.

Our mission

A great bunch of people

Auckland Zoo staff love working for an organisation with heart, and where they are making a positive difference to the future of wildlife and wild places.

What we do:

  1. Caring for wildlife
    1. We manage our animals in ways that ensure their well-being and help conserve their species.
    2. We support and conduct research to improve the science of wildlife management
  2. Inspiring others
    1. We deliver experiences that touch people and connect them to care about wildlife.
    2. We provide unique learning opportunities to build an understanding of wildlife.
  3. Conserving wildlife in wild places
    1. We use zoo resources and expertise to help conserve wildlife in wild places.
    2. We encourage and empower our community to care for and protect wildlife through their own actions.
  4. Building a sustainable organisation
    1. We continue to strengthen our organisation by investing in our staff, visitors, partners and communities, while securing a sustainable financial base, developing facilities and minimalizing our environmental footprint.

Transforming our zoo

Our $120 million, ten-year development plan will serve to further transform us into a 21st-century zoo. We are building exceptional habitats for all our animals, creating extraordinary experiences for everyone who visits us, as well as facilities for our staff and future conservationists.

Learn more by downloading our ten-year plan.  

Auckland Zoo's 10 Year Plan

3.1 MB PDF file



Conservation is at the heart of everything we do at Auckland Zoo. We're driven by our passion for conservation, our ability to make a positive difference and our enthusiasm to inspire others to care about wildlife and wild places as much as we do.

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